This post is in reference to a blog post written a few years back by Naomi Uyama.

When I am out on the dance floor once in awhile I will see people who look like they are staring off blankly into a void or constantly looking at themselves in a mirror while they social dance. [1] I wonder at times if I replaced their lead/follow with a chair if they would even notice.

Partner dancing is interacting and communicating with your partner, otherwise it would be solo dancing. I find asking someone to dance then ignoring them the entire song the equivalent of asking someone if they want to get dinner, then ignoring them entire time to talk to yourself during the meal. Sounds awkward, even cruel when put in a different context right?

I think a lot of people get so wrapped up in wanting to improve quickly, that they lose focus of why they started to dance. While it is perfectly acceptable to want to work on and improve your dancing, it shouldn’t be at the expense of your dance partner. I will admit though it is sometimes not difficult to lose sight of that.  I have had days that I had to take a step back and remind myself to pay attention to my partner and to not get so narrowly focused on some technical detail or move.

If you are a dancer reading this, go out there on the dance floor and like Naomi said, be there to enjoy it.

[1] In Irvine, California people had created this game that consisted of spotting how many guys were watching themselves in the mirror a night. Last time I played I caught about six of them.

3 thoughts on “Lost Within One’s Own World a.k.a. The Technician

  1. Oh, but I forgot to mention that I think it can be a stages of growth thing. There’s a point in one’s dancing when one isn’t good enough to concentrate on what one’s doing as well as what one’s partner is doing.

    1. That is a good point John. I can remember when I first started dancing having to say what steps I was doing in my head and somewhat of tuning out the world around me to have a functioning dance.

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