One of the most common sentences I hear from mainly intermediate level dancers is,

I wish I could get better at dancing but, x…

Variable x can fall anywhere in the list of; I don’t have enough time, I am in an isolated scene, I don’t have someone to mentor me, I didn’t start young enough, and et cetera.

Newsflash, for the majority of dancers there are only two situations here:

  1. You have other priorities in life that overshadow dancing, which is perfectly understandable.
  2. You are just lazy and making excuses to cover up your lack of motivation.

Soapbox Rant (Don’t say I didn’t warn you)

To get on my soapbox for a bit, there are many dancers out there who I respect and they have a borderline, if not obsessive conviction that they will improve their dancing. In result they dedicate massive amounts of time and effort toward that goal.

One of my huge pet peeves is when people complain about how they don’t have enough time to improve or make other similar excuses. For the majority of them its not, they don’t have the time. Its they would rather watch House on their couch or Skype with friends then practice their triple steps and swing-outs.

Lazy Cat
Lazy Cat wants to watch House instead of working on swingouts.

When people make excuses, at least to me they cheapen the dedication and sacrifices those dancers I respect made, I find it insulting. [/end_rant]

2 thoughts on “Conviction

  1. Too funny. And don’t forget those that try to make it seem that they are just naturals. Please anyone good has devoted hundreds of ours to their craft and should be proud to have done so.

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