This post is mainly geared toward newer or socially shy/awkward dancers and organizers of college scenes or small venues.

Often after dance venues across the United States I found for the most part wherever I go they have one thing in common. After the end of the dance, there is usually at least one group of people who go out for food to just talk about drama in the local scene chat and hang out. Shoot at Lindygroove in Los Angeles this past Thursday, I knew of groups that went to at least three different restaurants.

Waffle House
Waffle House: One of the greatest establishments for the after dance meal.

If you are a newer dancer or perhaps someone who has been around for a bit, but doesn’t feel like they have a close knit group in the scene find out if people are going out to eat after and join in. Usually most dancers are more then happy to have more people.

If you are an organizer of a college or smaller venue, a great way to let newbies feel like they belong more to your dance community is starting up one of these events. Often people start dancing to get a sense of belonging to a community, this is a great way of providing an outlet for that.

Side Note: I know due to jobs or other responsibilities, being able to get food after is not always a possibility. The way around this is to have a meal beforehand. Be careful of the choice of food though, I have learned the hard way that some foods do not go well with dancing.

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