Awhile back I wrote a post about using youtube as a medium for event advertisement. It was no big surprise that Hollywood (L.A.) threw in some amazing contributions to this idea.

Hollywood’s Contributions:

Swing Pit: Back from the Dead…Again! (2007)

For those of you who have never met Sailor Mike, besides being a badass Collegiate Shag dancer (Seriously, who enters a competition in a coffin?) also works in the film biz. He did a great job, this video is hilarious and is a good way to get publicity for an event.

Even though the event was over a long time ago, I know I have linked it to a bunch of my friends just to watch the psycho reference when Mike kills Tip West. I can’t even imagine how much buzz this got when the event was actually in the near future.

Camp Hollywood 2001 – Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

Old school hilarity. I could try to explain this, but seriously just watch. Nothing like nationally recognized instructors doing a parody of a movie to advertise an event.

Raleigh Doing Its Part

EBC Good Clean Fun

Aptly named, this EBC promotional video explains what to expect if you attend the event. In addition with hilarity makes sure this one advertisement that will be hard to clean the video out of your mind.

So, if you have a crazy funny idea on how to advertise for an event. Grab a camera folks.

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