On How I am Surprised I Didn’t Abandon This Blog

I discovered that I accidentally forgot yesterday was the one year anniversary of my blog. To be candid I am surprised this has gone on this long, like many things in my life I figured I would find it amusing for awhile then move onto some other distraction like bonsai trees.


So pretty....

Fortunately I somehow persevered in spite of my easily distracted and flighty nature. I originally started this blog because I was reading Rantings of a Lindy Hopper and thought, “Hey I am a college student and have the unique position of being in an organizational position and dancing on both sides of the coasts of the United States. Maybe someone will find this interesting.”


In this year I have written and published 68 different articles (One of them being a repost). Out of all of them though there are a few I am particularly proud of and for those of you who may be newer to the blog I recommend you check them out.

  • Selection of Shim Shams: In this post I made a list (with videos) of the different Shim Sham’s performed in the swing dance community.
  • But All The Cats Like to Shag: This article contains a list of different videos all with instruction on the dance Collegiate Shag.
  • Tabby The Cat: In here I go over the background of the Tabby the Cat step and how it has influenced the modern swing dance community.
  • Nostalgia from Songs: The Caricoa: The Artie Shaw song, The Caricoa is one of my favorite songs and influences me in several ways. I explain why here.
  • Late Night Dancing:In the swing dance community, different venues across the world have their own way of DJing music once it gets to the midnight hours. I discuss that and add in my own personal views on the issue.


Lastly, to all of you who read and especially to all of you who comment I appreciate you procrastinating from what you really should be doing spending your valuable time here on my blog.


2 thoughts on “A Year In Posting

  1. I like you you sum up your knowledge of your readers/internet culture: procrastinating from what you really should be doing

    Also Tabby the Cat is imo a cute move and I liked that post.

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