So a few days ago I did a post on Boston Tea party that I mentioned a couple Maéva Truntzer and William Mauvais which I can only describe as high-energy, fun to watch, and zany. After witnessing their dancing for the first time in person, my curiosity was piqued so I decided to poke around a bit on youtube. Below I will share with you two performances from different events that were entertaining to watch.

William and Maéva at Swinging in the Rain 2011

Here are two videos of the same performance at Swinging in the Rain 2011 in Belgium, using the song “Six Feet Under” by Tuba Skinny.

In this particular version what I like is I feel like I am part of the crowd and it really captures the high energy that these two are putting out. However the lights are slightly overbearing and I think take away partially from the lines they are trying to create.

This version is well shot, i’m assuming by someone who knows how to use a camera by how the two were always in frame and the zooms were timed and not rushed. In this clip I feel like I am getting the whole experience and seeing everything they are trying to convey with the performance.

William and Maéva at Lindy Shock 2010

If you’ve ever wanted to see a couple dance to a song from the Muppet’s Show cast album, your day is about to drastically improve. Below I again have two clips of the same performance, this time at Lindy Shock 2010 which was in Budapest, Hungry. I think this showcase really shows off their background as Boogie-Woogie dancers and their zany side.

This clip of the performance is HD, which is nice. What I also really like about it is you can see the reactions of the crowd to the flashy/zany stuff they do and an excellent view of the floor slide William does at 1:29 under Maéva.

Again like the first clip from the Swinging in the Rain performance, the reason I like this clip is you are right behind the instructors of the event and feel like you are part of the crowd. In addition you get the full gambit of facial expressions both of them throw at you.

William and Maéva at least for myself bring something very different to the table then I am used to, its why lately they have kind of garnered my interest. If any of you readers have opinions or views on their dancing, feel free to post, I am interested in hearing them.

One thought on “Ball O’ Energy

  1. They are indeed zany! Posted the first vid from Swingin’ in the Rain to my FB.
    The Muppets performance is hilarious.
    Their energy, in all the vids I watched, was really great; engaging even through the screen!

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