At this past Stompology, Laura Glaess taught a routine inspired by a clip from the film “Greenwich Village” which I found educational and loads of fun. However when I saw the actual clip online after the event I was captivated by the dancing and the scene that goes on in that film clip. If you haven’t watch the actual clip, it has a slow and mellow intro but, it is a great contrast and build up for what comes after.

Sadly in the film the dancers are not credited, but they are according to IMDB: Al Williams, Freddy James, Sylvester Johnson, Earnest Morrison. What is interesting is IMDB lists all the dancers as part of the Four Step Brothers, yet when I looked at the wikipedia page Al Williams was the only name from the “Greenwich Village” cast list I recognized. Interesting thing is’s Four Step Brother page lists all three of them as troupe members with the exception of Earnest Morrison. Yet to contradict that Earnest’s Wikipedia page lists he left a performance troupe he was with to work with the Step Brothers act.

My best guess is that possibly other members were busy at the time with service in the military and unable to perform in the film. But if anyone has a theory, or even better factual information that shows otherwise it would be great to hear from you.

On an ending note though the energy from this clip is infectious and am blown away by the combination of athleticism and precision used by the dancers in the clip. Most people I have shown this clip to have not seen it. If you have friends who are big fans of solo jazz I encourage you to share this with them.


Stompology has uploaded the video of the routine Laura taught at the event based on “It Goes To Your Toes”. Enjoy!

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