With ILHC approaching on the horizon I know not just a bunch of my friends from Southern California, but Lindy Hoppers from around the world are going to be boarding planes with the East Coast as their destination. In result I want to address an issue that many passengers get concerned with, getting the seat they want for their plane flight.

Attending college in Pennsylvania but living in California during school breaks has required me to take multiple flights a year and while I may not be seasoned as some of the national instructors, I have picked up a few tricks from frequent travel.

Personally, I am an aisle seat person. Having the option that I can get up and wander around the plane at any time makes me happy. However I know some people like the scenic view and prefer the window. I’ve yet to meet anyone who likes being squished in the middle.

There are though a few ways (devious and non-devious) that one can ensure they are in the seat of their personal preference.

1. Check in Online

This by far is probably the easiest and stress free option. Most airlines when you check in online will give you box where you can select a seat preference. I’ve yet to not get the seat preference I wanted when using this method. In addition if you are just flying with one carry on luggage and a personal item this allows you skip long lines at the front of the airport to check in.

2. Ask a Flight Attendant  for a Seat Change.

Flight attendants tend to be friendly people who try to make your flying experience as comfortable as possible. If you spot an empty seat that you would want to sit in, there is no harm in asking. Worst case scenario they say no and there is no loss to yourself.

3. Just Sit In An Empty Seat

I actually employed this method on a recent flight from Colorado to Pittsburgh, I got assigned the middle seat and I was not going to deal with that for four hours. What you do is put your carry on luggage in the overhead bin like usual, then hang out at the back of the plane until everyone is nearly seated. Keep your eyes peeled and just sit down in an empty seat, I have managed to snag entire rows to myself on some flights doing this. Worst case scenario if you are accidentally in somebodies seat or a flight attendant asks why you are there, just respond with “Oh, I apologize I am in the wrong seat” and move back to your original seat. Though I have yet to have that situation arise.

Hopefully this helps a few people’s flights a slightly more comfortable experience. If you have any short flight related travel tips, feel free to leave them in the comment section.

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