Recently I have been finding that using famous routines on youtube is a great way to teach my students Lindy Hop technique and vocabulary, in addition to inspiring them about the dance.

Several benefits include:

  1. If students want to review material, the video is easily accessible on youtube.
  2. Often students if they watch the video get curious and look up other videos of the dancers featured, providing them with inspiration.
  3. Students get excited about doing material which has been done for a performance, especially if it is by instructor/professional level dancers.
Most recently I taught the four counts of 8 snippet of the Silver Shadows performance at Frankie 95 featured at the 1:18 mark, and the class went over great!

When I teach these classes though I make sure to give credit where it is due and if I can’t show the video of the performance in the class, I post a link online of it for my students to see.

However as a warning, make sure if you teach in this method that you can not just perform, but also explain the material (in respect to look and technique) with your teaching partner before you are in class. Otherwise take this idea, experiment, and have fun with it!

One thought on “Teaching Tool: Using Routines As Class Material

  1. Have to say, routine classes have always been my favorite. I think in teaching a routine, you do learn the moves, you learn to string them together. But most of all drilling the routine up to tempo and with different partners is great practice. And FUN practice! The music is jumping, the instructors encourage you on, as a class you feel like you’ve accomplished something together when you run it as a whole. There’s that happy chatter after the music stops and everyone’s pushed it a little further.

    In routine classes you not only learn the big flashy parts, but the little bits and here’s and there’s of smaller moves, and transitional steps.

    As a follower AND a lead, the class is challenging and rewarding from both angles.

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