Awhile back, Patrick Szmidt was kind enough to tell me about YouTube Doubler. While it has many uses for the general public such as seeing if the song of one video would be a great mash-up with another video, I am going to go over some uses the swing dance community can have for it.

YouTube Doubler Uses For Swing Dancers

  1. Comparing Performances at Events: Want to see how your recent performance of a routine compared to a previous one for consistency and improvement reasons? YouTube Doubler will show you if you fixed looking down and other timing related issues.
  2. Learning Routines: Do you have a thing for historical accuracy and want to do the Dean Collins Shim Sham as close to Dean as possible? With YouTube Doubler you can put yourself right next to Dean and compare your Tabby the Cat movements on the spot.
  3. Confirming That Couples Have Pre-Prepared Choreography For A Chorus/four 8’s/et cetera: For personal amusement, want to check if a couple has choreography that they use for a certain timing? With YouTube Doubler you can show how they used the exact same moves at ULHS and ILHC.

While I don’t recommend you go crazy with YouTube Doubler (since trying to sync up sound at times can drive one crazy) it is a great tool for the reasons mentioned above. A recent way I used it was in a class at Stompology this past weekend, Michael Faltesek mentioned that Sharon Davis and himself borrowed a move from the 1943 film Cabin in the Sky.

They did a pretty spot on job.

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