On How I Am Still Fairly Surprised This Blog Is Around

Since last March I have had a lot of life changes, especially as of late. I am no longer a student and I have a full time job. In result this means I am not between coasts in the United States anymore but in one stable location. However this has not changed my wanderlust problem and I still find time to run off to places like Cleveland, Rochester, or Sweden for dancing.

These past 12 months I have been getting more serious about improving my dancing, unfortunately the consequence of that is my posting on this blog is less frequent then it used to be. One thing I have found interesting is I have gotten more negative feedback this year, which I find  a step in the right direction. I remember when I first started writing I was timid in fully stating my opinons at times because I was a newer dancer and didn’t feel I have the credibility to be talking about some of the topics I wanted to in a venue open to the public. While it could be interpreted as a sign that i’m just opinionated arrogant blogger, I take the negative feedback as a sign that I am making people think and challenging their opinions on things within the swing dance community.

This is how I have felt in reaction to some criticism I have received this year.
This is how I have felt in reaction to some criticism I have received this year.

Personal Favorites

For the individuals who may not follow my blog as regularly or perhaps regulars who feel like now they want to comment on old posts I have picked a few personal favorite posts that I have written during year three of my blog:

The Life of an Amibdancetrous Dancer: Being a swing dancer who both leads and follows I briefly cover how I became a person who dances both roles and why I did (and continue to) do that.

10 Things To Know About Herräng: This past summer I had the privilege of volunteering Herräng for a little over two weeks. I share some general information to hopefully make future camp attendees visits go smoothly.

Dance Education Through Social Feedback Experiment: I had a crazy idea to put public videos of myself dancing on Yehoodi to let any swing dancer on that website openly criticize my dancing. It was a great learning experience and I wrote the difficulties and benefits from trying out this little experiment.

Creating Life Long Dancers and/or Better Dancers: Giving your students the tools they need to improve their dancing and having good retention rates for venues is a difficulty organizers and instructors have to deal with. One of my most commented posts of this past year, it brings up the problem not being able to make improving students as a priority even in those higher level classes.

Keep it Casual or Bring the Fire? Teaching A Higher Level Class: What makes a good “advanced” level class and how should it be run in comparison to a “beginner” or “intermediate” level class? This post addressed that topic with quotes from the past and opinions from different instructors.

Where Now?

I think in this upcoming fourth year for my blog one of my goals is to write more posts that challenge the opinions and beliefs that people have about swing dancing and the swing dance community.

Anyways once again thank you to everyone who reads this blog, I still find it hilarious that what I started as a way to just vent my urge to talk about swing dancing and not drive my friends crazy has kept going for this long. If you would like me to write about any particular topics, send me hate mail, or just feel like being random my email address is still apachedanse@gmail.com

Otherwise, like I have said before as long as I am still dancing I intend to keep writing!

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