A soundie that has always stuck with me is “Tabby the Cat”.  It probably helps that Tabby the Cat is my favorite jazz step which I wrote about it previously in a 2011 blog post here.


According to IMDB the two vocalists are Eppy Pearson and Diana Webster and the two dancers are Kathleen Regan and Dean Collins.

I recently had it transcribed by Danny Fratina for a jazz combo to play as a holiday gift for myself. I provided him a copy of the the sheet music for “Tabby the Cat” done for the 1945 musical “Eadie Was a Lady” and a youtube link to the soundie.

Tabby the Cat
Catalog of Copyright Entries. Part 1. [C] Group 3. Dramatic Composition and Motion Pictures

Danny was kind enough to grant me permission to share his work for educational purposes. If you have any interest in playing the song or want to hire a band to play it for you please feel use the resources below.

My only request is if you do play it with a band please share a recording with me!

Tabby the Cat Leadsheets

With verse and vocals

Without verse and lyrics


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