Advertisement is one of the biggest factors in running a successful event, whether it is a one time workshop or a weekly venue. One event that has caught my eye is the event Hot Mess, for creatively utilizing youtube in an advertisement campaign.

Hot Mess commercials are below:

For contrast other events such as do make promo reels, as shown below.

How Hot Mess differs though is by creating commercials which entertain people and make them think about the event. Or even ideally talk about it when they are out for the night dancing. This is in contrast to the Camp Hollywood reel which tries to market it based on the impressive flash, fun/high energy atmosphere, and competitive environment.

Just like with any type of promotion the number one thing you want people do is to talk about your event. The folks running Hot Mess out in Philly have figured out a creative way through youtube to do that. Another event in the past that has done this effectively was the College of Swingology that was held in Charlottesville, Virginia. A sample of one of their assortment of videos is shown below:

The College of Swinology which had a college related theme used their videos to besides advertise for the event, reinforce the idea of their theme.

So if you are having an event youtube is a way to creatively appeal to your potential attendees. If you know any great commercials for swing dance events or youtube advertisment ideas, please feel free to comment below.

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