If I have learned anything from hanging out with swing dancers at bars, it is they like things cheap. Luckily some instructors in the swing dance community are generous enough to provide online resources at no cost to the viewer. Many of these online videos are a great tool for reviewing and cleaning up routines like the Big Apple. Below I have created a list of sites that have free online instructional videos.

List of Free Swing Dance Resources

Building the Community with Patrick and Natasha:

Patrick and Natasha
  • Description: Even though the blogs Lindy Dandy and Shuffle Projects beat me to the chase with this on the online blogging world for the Big Apple, this resource is so nice I do not mind listing it again. At the youtube channel PatrickAndNatasha the lovable Canadian Couple Patrick Szmidt & Natasha Ouimet provide high quality in depth videos that break down The Big Apple, The Shim Sham and The California Routine. They have also mentioned on yehoodi of possibly filming the Dean Collins Shim Sham or the Tranky Doo in the future.
  • What you get for free: Everything!
  • Advantages: High quality videos, routines performed occasionally to songs of different tempos and seperate videos to break down each move.
  • Disadvantages: Currently only three lessons. (More in the future though)
  • Recommendations: If possible throw a donation to their paypal account at the link: Support Building the Community with Patrick and Natasha. Normally for DVD’s on the Big Apple or Tranky do you would be paying a good $15-$30 dollars.


  • Description: Created by Dax HockRhythmJuice is a website for learning and assistance in swing dance related topics. The description reads off the website reads as follows, “RhythmJuice is a place to get inspired, learn, and take your dancing to a whole new level. We offer unlimited access to an ever evolving learning environment filled with lessons from top internationally acclaimed instructors. Are you aiming to become a better social dancer, teacher, competitor, or are you just taking your first dance steps? Either way, RhythmJuice has content to suit your needs!”. While most of their content requires you to become a paying customer there is still a decent ammount of free lessons on the website.
  • What you get for free: The lessons under the free tag, about ten of them.
  • Advantages: Quality lessons in terms of excelent breakdown of technique and moves. In addition if you ask the instructors questions about their lessons, usually responses are fairly fast.
  • Disadvantages: You have to register for the website and most of the content is for paying customers. (From what I have heard, fairly worth it though.)
  • Recommendations: If you got the spare cash lying around and a partner who is willing to spend time with you, test out the lessons for a month.


  • Description: A creation by Daniel Newsome, Danceonline.tv is an amazing resource for swing dancers. I think Daniel says it the best in his yehoodi post, “So, for everyone, free Basic Lindy moves, basic blues dance, Big Apple, Trankey Do, Shim Sham, and more. Over 400 videos and adding more every day, all free.” One can (and I have) literally spend hours learning with this website.
  • What you get for free: An almost excessive ammount of free lessons.
  • Advantages: Videos are well filmed, there are a lot of them, and the instructors are through in the technique and moves they are trying to convey.
  • Disadvantages: You have to register for the website.
  • Recommendations: If you get a lot of use out of the videos, support Daniel’s donation to the community by purchasing one of his DVD’s.

4 thoughts on “Free Lessons

  1. If you want to talk about free lessons/resources, don’t forget about YouTube. It’s definitely not organized, but you can find recaps of workshops, examples of social dancing and other instructional videos if you know where to look. For example, Jam Celler posts recaps of all of their weekly classes.

    1. I was thinking of mentioning that, the only reason I hesitated is many people film in spite of instructors or event organizers asking them not to to then place it on youtube.

      But you are correct that it is an amazing resource.

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