If you have been wondering for the last week why some people on lindy related internet sites or on facebook have been posting comments such as, “Yes, yes, yes, yes […], yes” or “Lets put the fork in the garbage disposal” or “Stop I lost my contact”. It was due to the last routine in the Cabaret division at ILHC, known as the Yes dance.

In the words of Bobby White from Swungover,

If for some reason you wanted to see 30 of the top Lindy Hoppers in the country get half naked and pretend they’re gay, the Cabaret is for you. It also included a small dog.

(Warning: May be NSFW)

Apparently my obsessive reading of every link the ILHC newsletter paid off, because I able to shout along and do half the dance moves while in the crowd.

If you want to see the original video it is listed here: (Warning: May be NSFW)

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