The other night while googling my club (Penn State Swing Dance Club) for fun, I found out we recently had a sister club pop into existence. This club was Penn State Altoona Swing Dance club, formed at one of Penn State’s branch campuses, about fourty minutes south-west of State College.

I was having a stressful week so I decided to take a mini vacation. So I grabbed three other members from my own club and made the trek down to Altoona. As expected it was a smaller club, with a lesson in East Coast Swing, and mostly neo-swing DJ’ed during the social dance. But I had a great time! Most of the people there absolutely new dancers that had a lot of positive energy, were excited to dance, and seemed happy to be there.

It  brought me back to the actual lecture part from Mark Kihara’s LED talk (before the karaoke shannagins) at ILHC in which he talked about the importance of remembering its not how good/bad you or the other person is, how great the music is, but most importantly having fun during the dance. Often when I come back from big events like ILHC or even return from California, I unfortunately get this sense of snobbish bitterness because the music or type of dancing isn’t my preference. This trip was a great reminder to me of why I dance, to have fun and to share the joy of dancing with other people.

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